Football Skill Trainer

You no longer need a garage door to kick a ball back and forth with this handy Avento football skill trainer! Train all your soccer skills, from kicking to throwing in! The ball is secured in a neoprene net using a Velcro strap. This net is attached to an elastic band. Attach this strap around your waist and the endless training can begin! That way you don’t have the extra work of constantly retrieving the ball. The elastic cord is 2.2 meters long and can be stretched to a maximum of 6 meters. Ball not included. Suitable for ball sizes 3, 4 and 5.

• neoprene ball holder with velcro tape
• neoprene belt with velcro tape
• elastic cord
• secure the ball in the holder and the belt around your waist with the velcro fastener
• excluding ball
• length cord 2.2 meter, expandable to max. 6 meter