Padel Racket 12K Carbon Paragon


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Do you want to take your padel qualities to a higher level? With the Avento Paragon Padel Racket, no one can beat you anymore! Padel is currently the fastest growing sport in Europe. This dynamic racket sport is very accessible and suitable for all ages. The sport has characteristics of tennis and squash and is played with 4 people. The ideal sport to play with your friends.
Go for optimal power and precision: The Paragon padel racket has a drop-shaped 12K braided carbon frame. This combination provides the perfect balance between power and control. In addition, this racket has a double bridge, so that the racket absorbs vibrations very well and there is more power and stability in every hit. The racket head is 38 mm thick and the core of the racket is made of high-quality EVA 15 foam. The surface of the racket has a 3D hexagon finish that gives you a perfect grip on the ball. Ideal for hitting a bounce ball. In addition, this relief ensures that the surface of the Paragon is rough and therefore less susceptible to wear. The ideal hitting point of this racket, also called the ‘sweet spot’, is just above the middle. This gives you more power and the 12K carbon gives you optimal control. The sturdy 12K carbon material is extra durable, so that the racket can last for years. The ‘medium balance’ of this model makes it easier to handle the racket and ensures a smooth stroke. This means that the weight is evenly distributed between the grip and the top of the racket. The ‘medium balance’ of this model makes the racket manoeuvrable. This means that the weight is evenly distributed between the grip and the top of the racket. A ‘medium balance’ racket gives less resistance than a ‘high balance’ racket, but is stiffer than a ‘low balance’ racket such as the Avento Conquista. The racket is therefore suitable for the advanced or competition padel player. This durable racket has a taped grip and is equipped with a wrist strap with which you wear the racket while playing.
Complete your Avento padel equipment with a set of Avento padel balls (46PK).

• teardrop shape
• 12K braided carbon racket frame with double bridge
• eva 15 foam core
• racket surface with matte 3D Hexagon finish
• balance 260-270 mm (medium balance)
• frame pressure 260 kgs
• taped grip
• with standard wrist strap
• length 455 mm,
width 260 mm
thickness 38mm
• weight 360+/- 10g

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