Table tennis set Complete

Experience hours of fun with the Avento table tennis set Complete. The set consists of 1 table tennis net, 2 table tennis bats and 3 table tennis balls. You can always attach the handy extendable table tennis net to almost any table. Within seconds you create your own table tennis table, wherever and whenever you want. You can then immediately play a game with the included table tennis bats and table tennis balls. And the set comes in a handy storage bag, so you can easily take the table tennis set with you wherever you go.

The extendable ping pong net is easy to use and because it can be extended up to 170 cm, the portable ping pong net fits on almost every dining room table. Click one net post on one side of the table and unroll the retractable net and install the other net post on the opposite side of the table. The net has immediately the right tension. This adjustable table tennis net is made of high quality materials and has non-slip legs for extra stability.

The versatile ping pong bats are made of nine layers of wood, which makes them extra sturdy and can take a beating. The table tennis bats have anatomical handles for a good grip, making it easy to switch from the forehand to the backhand during play. The blade of the bats has a thick rubber top and bottom layer, for good ball control.

This set comes with 3 ABS ping pong balls, so you can immediately play a game of table tennis wherever you want.

• handy extendable table tennis net, dimensions approx. 170 x 12.5 cm
• ping pong net with ABS legs with non-slip and polyamide net
• 2 2-star bats
• 9-layer wooden anatomical handle, approx. 1.4 mm rubber top layers, approx. 1.5 mm foam middle layer
• 3 seamless 40 mm ABS balls
• including handy polyamide carrying bag